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Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Campus Drive, Hartsville, SC

Our Coker Campus Is
Just Off S Fourth St. & E Carolina Ave. With Plenty Of Amenities Nearby

Freshly Renovated Classrooms For Inspiring & Exciting Learning

Your child feels inspired in an environment originally designed for education and renovated to facilitate the Montessori Method. Neutral tones and lots of natural light elevate their mood, and lush, green plants add life to their space.

The Prepared Environment Maximizes Development

Montessori classrooms invite your child to explore activities that interest them the most, and facilitate independent, self-paced discovery. Your child maximizes their learning thanks to The 6 Principles of the Montessori Prepared Environment:


Your child follows their natural impulses to increase their knowledge of the world around them. They enjoy the freedom of choice and take the lead in their learning.


Clean, uncluttered spaces create a soothing sense of peace to make the learning experience more enjoyable and comfortable.


Mixed-age classrooms deepen your child’s social-emotional skills, making them better communicators, friends, and relationship-builders.

Structure And Order

With materials arranged from left to right in order of difficulty, your child navigates their environment in a way that supports early learning.

Nature & Reality

Your child connects to learning more readily when it applies to their world. Montessori incorporates nature and elements from their environment.


With sensorial materials organized from simple to complex, your child builds their cognition progressively.

Open For Vacation Education Days:

Supporting You With Flexible Extra Care

Open For Vacation Education Days:

Supporting You With Flexible Extra Care

Open For Vacation Education Days: Supporting You With Flexible Extra Care

The Perfect Location To Support Your Community

Nestled downtown, your child’s school is an integral part of the Hartsville community. In partnership with St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, we can offer lower tuition rates and pay our guides more substantial salaries for a stellar education at a reasonable cost.

Outdoor Play Improves Mental Health, Performance, & More

Daily outdoor exploration of exciting play structures in age-specific areas helps your child build a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor lessons keep learning exciting and engaging, and gardening encourages a sense of responsibility.

What's In Your Child's Playground?

Climbers, Slides, & Swings

Natural Play Structures, Rocks, & Hills

Age-Separated Areas

Lush, Green Gardens

A Mud Kitchen

Plenty Of Outdoor Learning Experiences

A Dedicated Calming Corner Teaches Them Self-Regulation

When your child needs a moment alone, they retreat to their dedicated Calming Corner. They learn to resolve conflicts and independently navigate through their feelings in a healthy way, building mental and emotional resilience.

Indoor Spaces Encourage Healthy Exercise Habits

With access to the church’s parish hall, your child has plenty of space for gross motor games. As they run, skip, and play with friends, they master coordination, balance, and physical confidence.

On-Site Parking Makes For The Easiest Transitions

You love the accessibility a private parking lot brings. With plenty of spaces, you can drop off or pick up your little one smoothly and stress-free. Take time to see them settled in and greet them with a big smile in safety.

Strict Cleaning Protocols Means Healthy Children

Have peace of mind knowing your child spends their days in classrooms cleaned thoroughly by a dedicated team. Soaps, sanitizers, and onsite cleaning staff clear away microbes and germs, so your child plays, laughs, learns, and stays in tip-top health.

Cameras, Keypads, & More To Always Keep Them Safe

You feel at ease knowing restricted access protocols, state-of-the-art security cameras, and keypad entrances safeguard your child at all times. Fenced-in yards also ensure your child stays safe during their outdoor playtime, so they stay happy, calm, and comfortable.

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How Old Is Your Child?


6 weeks - 12 months


1 - 3 Years

Early Childhood

3 - 6 years

Summer Camp

6 Weeks – 5 Years

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